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We are revolutionizing the way advisory and consultancy services work. Our unique approach involves plugging ourselves into your business as an extended arm, helping you transform, scale, and grow in a practical manner with total execution and long-term shadowing. We believe in offering customized solutions that suit each business's needs, and we pride ourselves on providing practical advisory services that help you achieve your goals.

With over 22 years of leading multinational organizations, we offer plenty of value added services to big corporates and startups.


Our services are offered based on actual experience and proven history of  achievements

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Interim Leadership 

 Change Management requires a proper bridging stage without disrupting the business and this is where we step in. Holding the fort while bridging new management is what makes us plug ourselves as a reliable partner who ensures business traction is not affected by injecting ourselves at your premises to help you maintain a smooth business operation during any management changes. 

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Executive Advisory 

Every new or mature CEO requires a trusted practical advisor to help him or her in driving business growth while navigating plenty of challenges in the corporate world, and this is when we come in and shadow the leadership team to help them through our vast corporate experience in steering the ship with practical support on the ground and across the layers. We roll our sleeves and execute instead of wasting time on loads of powerpoint presentations and irrelevant advice.

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Business transformation and scaling 

Whether you are a startup or a Big corporate, Plugmena is there to work with you on any business transformation initiatives and our commitment peaks when we also help you to scale and grow your business by leveraging our vast network of connections to plug you with our network and establish win win partnerships.


Logistics and Last mile advisory 

With over 22 years of experience in the logistics and delivery industry, we provide experience and knowledge based advisory for investors who are aiming to invest in this field and we have the right practical knowledge and experience in helping logistics and delivery companies in improving their business operations and business growth across the MENA Region. 

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Board membership and advisory 

We are fully capable of helping boards in executing their strategies by shadowing the executive teams and enabling them to deliver the intended results, in addition to our availability to join those boards as Non Executive Directors to support in reaching the intended goals in a practical manner.

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GCC Market Entries 

We work with businesses who are aiming to enter the GCC market by helping them in coming to the region and setting up their businesses from scratch with full support in enabling them through our vast network of trusted partners. 

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